Foreknowledge #4 is out!

>> Friday, August 17, 2012


Foreknowledge #3 is out!

>> Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When you read this 3rd edition of Foreknowledge, you would be one of the thousands of analysts and managers across all the intelligence domains in 89 countries who have read our previous editions thus far.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and support - we’ve heard from agencies that distribute it to all units, universities that use the magazine in class exercises, while a Canadian inter agency group of analysts discusses the articles during their knowledge sharing sessions. Remember to do our survey so that we can serve your needs better.
You can find the PDF (2.4 MB) here and the Flash document here  on our website
In this issue:
Should we kill the intelligence cycle? 
Bob Heibel: pioneer of intelligence analysis education
Analysis software that also cooks? 
Red hat analysis
Make your message compelling!
Let’s reduce friction in intelligence dissemination


Foreknowledge #2 is out!

>> Friday, April 27, 2012

The 2nd edition of Foreknowledge is out! In this edition:
  • Collaboration in intelligence analysis: crowd sourcing, crowd forecasting, collaborative projects 
  • Psychology of intelligence analysis chapter 2 
  • Analyst toolbox: structured brainstorming, intelligence analytics, analyst blog 
  • The effective analyst part 2
  • Corrections intelligence analysis


Foreknowledge e-magazine launched!

>> Sunday, February 12, 2012

Foreknowledge e-magazine for intelligence analysts has been launched on the website There you will find Issue 1 in Flash, PDF and IPad format.  I believe that the e-magazine and the website will truly become a hub of essential resources for intelligence analysts, their managers and related professionals.The magazine is endorsed by 4 international professional organisations.
Included in the 1st issue:
·        Richards Heuer on the future of intelligence analysis
·        Analyst toolbox: Strategic indicators
·        Analysts’ judgement of probability
·        The effective analyst
·        News about our profession
·        Upcoming conferences and Calls for Papers

The resources pages of the website will be added shortly.


New website launched!

>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our website has been updated! Read more about 4Knowledge's training and consulting services at!


SA Intelligencer # 90

>> Sunday, December 11, 2011

This edition focuses on developments in Africa - the majority on the terrible state of affairs in SA intelligence.
Southern Africa :
South Africa: Intelligence: from bad to worse
    Situation worsens in State Security apparatus
    Spy boss Jeff Maqetuka resigned
    Moe Shaik to follow?
    Dirty secrets of SA's spy agencies
    NIA front company allegedly acts fraudulently
    Cabinet approves General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill 2 years after proclamation
    The Secrecy Bill: Paranoia…or not?
    Securocrats' paranoia threatens democracy
    Kasrils slams Cwele’s ‘spies’ jibe
    Police Crime intelligence in shambles
Zimbabwe: Espionage charges withdrawn
    CIO in dagger-fight
    Wikileaks fallout: High Court orders Director-General of CIO to justify defamation damages claims
Mozambique: Assembly passes bills on intelligence service
Zambia: Czech President Klaus writes to President Sata
East Africa
Kenya & Uganda: building stronger ties with Israel
Uganda: US intelligence support to fight LRA
Somalia: U.S. Predator drones flying out of Ethiopia
     Reports detail US intelligence operations in Somalia
     Part 1: The secret war: How US hunted AQ in Africa
     Part 2: Lack of human intel hampered AQ hunt in Africa
     Part 3: Clandestine Somalia missions yield AQ targets
     Part 4: Years of detective work led to al-Qaida target
     Part 5: The Secret War: Tense ties plagued Africa ops
     Part 6: The Secret War: Africa ops may be just starting
West Africa
Nigeria: Petinrin tasks defence attach├ęs on intelligence gathering
Indian DFS to help Nigeria fight fraud
Jonathan tasks security agencies on intelligence gathering
Ghana: Oil companies pose no danger to our intelligence
North Africa Libya: France wants to try Libya spy chief


Foreknowledge E-magazine

>> Sunday, December 4, 2011

I can let the cat out of the bag now... the last 2 months I've been working hard realising a lifelong dream of mine: to offer something different to intelligence analysts - an easy-to-read e-magazine that stimulate their minds and encourage them to learn more about our profession. If everything goes to plan, the first free edition will be published early January 2012. 
Foreknowledge E-Mag is a new free bi-monthly magazine dedicated to serving the needs and interests of intelligence analysts and their managers worldwide. The e-magazine and its parallel website aims to be the hub of all things related to intelligence analysis. Its purpose is to provide an accessible space where intelligence analysts, their managers and students of intelligence can learn from experts, reflect on new developments and work of scholars, share experiences and raise the profession to new heights in an easy-going, informal and non-academic manner. In essence, Foreknowledge will contribute to a shared understanding and vocabulary of intelligence analysis across domains and continents.
We discuss different tools and techniques in the Analyst Toolbox section, offer some interesting nice-to-know’s and need-to-shares that will broaden understanding of intelligence analysis concepts and practices and interview change agents and ordinary analysts that are doing extraordinary things. In the first edition we have contributions from experts from the US, Australia, South Africa, and the articles touch on all aspects relating to intelligence analysis. You will be blown away!
The call for advertisers has gone out, and so far the response was excellent! If you want to know more, contact me directly at editor(at)


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