Training intelligence officers in Africa

It has been a hectic few weeks for me and my associates training intelligence officers from all types of government and private agencies here in Africa. I've been in Kampala (Uganda) for an intelligence analysis course for the Revenue Authority there. The group was enthusiastic and typical African - very friendly and eager to learn.
Gus trained the MP's here in SA in report writing, while Don McDowell and I have been in Gaborone, Botswana training mixed group of managers and analysts in intelligence management and strategic intelligence. Our plans for October include a course more north and 2 open courses in Pretoria that will be attended by again a mixed group of intelligence officers from all over the continent.
4Knowledge's model of training addresses the realities of a minimum of dedicated intelligence analysts and many operatives with little analysis skills.  We customise our training programmes to suit the client's needs. Starting with a basic course encompassing all relevant intelligence skills and knowledge, we then provide custom-made courses for either intelligence collectors or intelligence analysts as practitioners.  The courses in the middle of the practitioner column can be attended by either the collector or analysts and assist in creating better understanding of the complexities and difficulties of the world of each career group.  We then focus on equipping intelligence managers in the different career groups with more advanced and management courses.