Upcoming AIPIO Conference

I'm quite excited about the upcoming 20th conference of the Australian Institute for Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO) that will be held on the Gold Coast, Australia from 19-21 July 2011. I'm honoured and excited to be one of the guest speakers at the conference and can't wait to meet some Aussie colleagues. The theme of the conference of Intelligence 2011 is "the Intelligence Journey: are we there yet?" In considering the theme we will examine how far the intelligence profession has emerged during the last 20 years but more importantly determine where else there is to go. Has the profession reached its goal? Can we do more? To help focus our thoughts and consider the question the conference will focus on six key areas which have emerged including:
· Leadership
· Collaboration
· Cohesiveness
· Professionalism
· Ethics
· Evaluation of performance

I hope to share my perspective on the state of intelligence as a profession in Africa and specifically what 4Knowledge is doing to foster collaboration between investigators and analysts where there are such clearly delineated roles, and where there are not, assist intelligence officers to enhance their analytical skills.