Spies threaten SA democracy

The respected scholar of the Crisis States Research Centre in London and lecturer at Cape Town University, Laurie Nathan is forthright in his article in the influential Chatham House publication that the South African Intelligence Community is threatening the fragile democracy. He cites all the examples the previous years of political pandering and abuse. This is the latest in a string of articles condemning the state of affairs in the SA intel community. And the reaction from government? Ominously silent... There is no transparency over the inquiry about the Zuma/Fraser tapes. Neither any outcome on the investigation on the allegations made against the minister for State Security's wife that she is involved in drug smuggling. The credibility crisis is deepening, scholars and intelligence professionals alike see the warning lights, but would it have any impact on the apparent "see no evil, hear no evil" policy of the powers that be? We owe it to our democracy to keep the pressure for reform in South African intelligence up. No person is bigger than this cause...
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