Training bank investigation units in SA

A few weeks back, I provided intelligence analysis training to one of our major bank's fraud and investigation units. At this stage, their investigators react on incidents or information, conduct investigations and write or doesn't write reports that are send to different clients. They have no analysts, only support personnel, and few recommendations on change of processes etc are implemented. The management's vision for this unit is to be intelligence-driven, but they were not sure how to achieve this.
I designed a case study on home loan /mortgage fraud, based on some information of a previous case they had and we used as departure point for some real action learning. From day one, we used the complex case study defining what intelligence is, why it is important, what it can do for them, intelligence processes and what intelligence really mean for them given their legal and business mandates. Thereafter we applied analytical thinking, tools and techniques, report writing and briefings all based on the case study. And they did some serious collaboration and brainstorming on how they can implement intelligence processes and products in the unit and bank. I look forward to working with them in designing intelligence processes & products.
Applying the principles of intelligence is gaining ground in policing and private anti crime units, but it is actually plain common sense that you can apply in any context to work better and smarter with more impact.
For those interested see how intelligence deals with home loan fraud or mortgage fraud: FBI's new
report, or the Canadian Intelligence CISC, highlighting not only the devastating effect on the economy, but also the links with terrorist financing and organised crime. In South Africa, the banks have not yet formed a joint task team through SABRIC to investigate this trend. Although our systems work different from that in the US, one should not outright cast the events in the US aside, but learn lessons and tap modus operandi etc from this OSINT so that our clients can't say that we have not warned them!