A sense of deja vu - Latin American intelligence

In an interesting article, Jerry Brewer explains what is going on in the intel communities of Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba. The Colombian DAS recently revealed what are believed to be scandals of illegal spying on the political opposition, critics and journalists, as well as “interacting with left-wing guerillas, right-wing paramilitary, and smugglers.” President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has adopted Cuba's DGI’s model and it is believed that there are around 50,000 Cuban nationals in Venezuela serving in “various official missions” in government, intelligence, security services and the armed forces. Venezuelan organized crime groups are known to include members and associates of the DGI, paramilitary, National Guard, and other Colombian criminals.

Says Brewer (and I totally concur) "What is needed with the DAS, as is the case with other democratic nations’ intelligence apparatus (read SA) is an intelligence model of sound oversight, quality control, and basic protocols of coherent and sound intelligence analysis. Too, an intense focus on sophisticated technology beyond satellite, signals, and imagery, dealing with human intelligence collection to facilitate verification protocols, source reliability, and content validity. This disciplined process would show reductions in serious duplication of effort, as well as enhance the oversight process.