Starlight: a sensemaking visualisation tool

I'm always on the look-out for technological tools that might assist analysts to make sense of vast, sometime ambigous information. Sufficient research has been done on the brain's preference for visual pictures. I'm quite excited about the application possibilities of Starlight Visual Information System. Starlight is being used in applications as diverse as counterterrorism, intelligence analysis, law enforcement, public safety, supply chain management, market research, computer forensics, and cybersecurity. Starlight enables you to derive value from large, heterogeneous information collections in two ways. The first is by helping you find particular items or sets of items that are germane to the problems you are trying to solve. The second is by helping you discover and understand important, anomalous, or otherwise meaningful relationships that exist among the items in your collections. Unlike traditional link analysis software, however, Starlight incorporates a broad range of integrated visualization capabilities into its design. In addition to standard network, timeline, and geospatial visualization capabilities Starlight includes tools for visualizing conceptual similarities among free-text content; hierarchical relationships among items; complex structured property relationships; and category memberships, among others.