SA Intelligencer #67

In this issue:
  • Botswana ultiumatum to Zimbabwe: withdraw envoys
  • South Africa: Role of intelligece in transtion remembered
  • Norway targeted for increased espionage
  • Climate leak "work of spy agency"
  • Ukraine and Russia trade spying charges
  • Far-reaching proposals for Russia's security apparatus
  • Belarusian government order internet providers to snoop on users
  • Syria renews intel sharing with US & UK
  • Israel defence Force is prepared for Cyber Warfare
  • Beijing bones up its cyber warefare capacity
  • Taiwan detains two agents for alleged spying for China
  • Colombia has 3000 paid civilian informants
  • Crowd sourcing of intelligence
  • CIA to report to Senate on moonlighting in corporate world allegations
  • Blair spells out annual threat assessment
  • Google cyber attacks a "wake-up" call for US, intel chief says
  • Google to enlist NSA to help ward off cyber attacks
  • Spy vs Spy