SA Intelligencer #68

In this issue, the secrecy aspect of intelligence comes under fire in the UK and Canada and more importantly, relations between the US and UK deteriorate over UK courts decision that secret information be made public:
1     Somalia’s Shebab warn Kenya over planned onslaught
2     Pardons plea over Boer War executions
2     Polish cipher officer worked for Russian intelligence?
2   UK: Spies must seek ministerial green light to pay bribes, Lords rules
4   US, UK spy agencies on alert after unprecedented court decisions

4   UK: Binyam Mohamed court ruling shatters spies' culture of secrecy

5   Spanish Ex-Spy Convicted of Stealing Secrets

Middle East:

6   Yemen security agency prone to inside threats, officials say


7    India spy in the sky by 2014

7   India: The National Security Adviser: An analysis of intelligence oversight and management
Latin America:
8    FARC recruits 13-year-old spy
9         9  Students as Spies: The Deep Politics of U.S.-Colombian Relations
North America:
10  Canada: CSIS blocking release of spying file on Tommy Douglas
11 Canada: Providing security at Vancouver Olympics is a daunting task 
12 US: Kit Bond says White House adviser John Brennan 'needs to go'