SA Intelligencer #69: 11-17 February 2010

The Intelligencer and my business is taking quite a lot of my time, which means I don't have time to blog about my perception on analysis issues. The Intelligencer is a compilation of OSINT from the world of intelligence. It only carries public material and not grey sources (fee-based OSINT).  I'm totally overwhelmed with the reaction from different parts of the world. I'm doing it as a publication in pdf, because many readers still want a printed document...
In this issue 11-17 February 2010:
This week there were quite a few developments in the world of intelligence.
  • Death and Espionage in the digital world
  • Modus operandi of alleged assassins
  • Israel denies involvement
  • Britain and Ireland protest
  • A brief history of Israeli espionage scandals
  • Israel: Former spooks emerge from the shadows to fight for pensions
  • CIA messes up Egypt government on website
  • Nigeria: security chiefs map out plans to counter fresh threats
  • Botswana: Graft-busting agency fails to take off
  • Nigeria tasks SSS on security reports
  • Spanish intelligence reportedly investigating market attacks
  • UK: Intelligence officers diverted to deal with legal actions from former detainees
  • UK: Bankers take huge cuts in salaries to join spooks
  • Russia FSB moves to extend its control of Russian journalists
  • How many government informants are there in China?
  • India: After Poona attack Indians ask again: was David Headley involved?
  • S Korea & Japan agree to bolster intelligence sharing on N Korea
  • Canada: Legal concerns prevent border agency from using criminal intelligence
  • US: TSA officers to get intelligence
  • Joint declaration on civil aviation security
  • Guyana: WPA concerned over move to set up intelligence agency
  • Al Qaeda looking to recruit English speakers & women
  • US Intel officials seeing spike in al Qaeda-linked Internet chatter focused on ways to thwart airport security