SA Intelligencer #70

Developments in the world of intelligence 18-28 February 2010:
Middle East:
  • Fall-out of Dubai assassination
  • Lebanese sentenced to death for spying for Israel
  • Pakistan: CIA, ISI work together but warily
  • Iraq: NIS changes its religion
  • Greek Intel service probes market speculators
  • UK/US intelligence event called off
  • UK Defence green paper calls for intelligence without borders
  • Netherlands: Educating the public on intelligence issues
  • KGB secrets to be published
  • Zimbabwe & Botswana row resolved
  • Mugabe’s spy agency recruits thousands of illegal vendors as informers Australia & New Zealand
  • Terrorists could “Steal” Aussie planes
  • Australia sets spies on people smugglers
  • NZ Intelligence Agency releases annual report
  • CIA recruits Chinese during Lunar New Year
  • Secret Service Computers only work at 60% capacity, uses 1980’s mainframe
  • House resolves dispute, authorizes intelligence bill
  • When the system works
  • The link between Engineers and Jihad 
  • Officials wary of agricultural terrorism
  • Australia’s counter terrorism whitepaper
  • US appointments (all women! fantastic!)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Algerian police chief shot dead