Deon Meyer's new novel: Spoor

While in Nigeria the last two weeks, I was fortunate to read internationally acclaimed Deon Meyer's new book Spoor. The story  revolved around a few of his regular protagonists, Lemmer and Mat Joubert as well as housewife turned intelligence-agency employee Milla Strachan who find themselves embroiled in a baffling series of events that are somehow connected. Black rhino smuggling, crime syndicates involved in kidnappings and murder, terrorism, politically motivated suspense and intrigue . . . Meyer’s roller coaster of a novel will have readers on the edge of their seats.
The book resonated with me for a few reasons - the politicization of intelligence analysis, the accurate picture of the continued inertia within the South African intelligence agencies, but maybe more so, the depiction of  Lemmer's emotions when he resigned from the police to join the private sector. Many of my former colleagues here in SA and elsewhere, now also "outside", might  find this true:
"... the "private sector" as Johnny says. But when he was still inside, the last two, three years, a different kind of loss overwhelmed him slowly, a disillusionment, a disappointment, a powerlessness, an awareness of sinking potential, of lost opportunities. He, at the beginning so positive, who believed the police service can  be able to adapt to new challenges, new realities. He enthusiastically and wholeheartedly supported the ideal of a police (or intelligence agency) that reflects the population composition,  that employs affirmative action to rectify old wrongs and that transforms to a modern, efficient, proud state organ. Just to see how it is slowly poisoned by politics and good intentions and haste and stupidity. And, finally, even greed and corruption. When he spoke, when he warned and consulted and pleaded, they marginalized him, pushing him out of the herd, let him understand they no longer need him. A lifetime's work. For nothing." page 421 (my translation)

For Deon's translated books go here. I do not know when Spoor will be translated from Afrikaans to the other languages.