Pennies starting to drop...

"Intelligence" has been a curse word for so long ...because people do not understand that it is in essence an applied research process that support decision making. South Africa's Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) originally used Intelligence instead of Information in their name, but had to change due to sensitivities of stakeholders. Slowly this paranoia is giving way to an understanding that working intelligently with information support any organization's strategic management process.

The latest example here in South Africa is the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) which is establishing a strategic intelligence capability, in partnership with the department of science and technology and the Human Sciences Research Council, to undertake analyses, surveys, investigations, studies and research into the supply of and demand for skills. This will strengthen planning for skills across the various sectors of our economy, with their distinctive skills challenges. These plans must be credible to each sector and be developed with the full participation of social partners. The sectoral plans that result from rigorous economic and labour market analyses must steer the utilisation of the skills levies in a way that meets development goals efficiently and effectively.